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Best practice skills

Product Managers have to manage a range of very diverse issues in their job, from creating an inspiring product vision to writing clear user stories and managing expectations of stakeholders. We can help you by teaching best practices for everything a Product Manager is expected to deliver. You will not get textbook instructions, but actionable practical skills based on many years of experience.

Some example topics

  • Setting a product vision and strategy
  • Creating and managing a product backlog
  • Methods of product discovery
  • Using agile practices to their full potential
  • Prioritisation
  • Defining good epics and user stories
  • Useful applications of different types of analytics
  • Defining good KPIs for your product
  • Working with hypotheses
  • Operating at the intersection of business, design and technology
  • Collaborating and communicating with stakeholders
  • Team dynamics in a cross-functional agile team
  • Challenges of working in a digital transformation environment

Out training will always be tailored to the team’s or the individual’s needs. Contact us for a first chat about your needs.